Is this you?

  • Has your dentist given treatment or performed surgery to a poor or careless standard?
  • Did your dentist fail to diagnose or treat a problem, such as gum disease or tooth decay, that has since led to a worsened condition?
  • Do you suffer from ongoing problems following the performance of cosmetic dental surgery, such as poorly fitted veneers or loose implants?
  • Have you experienced additional pain and discomfort because of a dental error?

What do I do now?

Call or email us. There is absolutely no obligation to proceed and if you tell us what’s happened, we will briefly explain if we think you have a claim and the procedure for filing a claim and the time limits that apply.

Step 1

Fill in the contact form or call us on 0800 1583 869.

Step 2

We discuss your claim to work out your eligibility.

Step 3

We act on your behalf to reach a settlement with the other party.

Step 4

You receive your compensation.

Who are we?

We are an award winning team of solicitors who specialise in medical and dental negligence claims. We use our many years of experience and knowledge in this area to file claims with dentists, health professionals and their insurers.

Using our specialist knowledge of personal injury, medical and negligence law, we prove and value our clients’ injuries and successfully negotiate maximum settlements with dentists or their insurers. We submit written complaints, detailing every allegation and are successful in most of our cases.

Recent cases

We represent hundreds of clients who have suffered dental negligence recovering millions in compensation. Here is a summary of some recent cases:

After poorly fitted bridge work, loss of teeth and being diagnosed with advanced gum disease; the case is ongoing and £100,000 compensation is being claimed.

After being diagnosed with extensive tooth decay, bone loss and advanced gum disease; the claim is continuing and we expect to help recover compensation of £50,000.

After being diagnosed with advanced gum disease and loss of teeth that could have been prevented, we successfully recovered £33,000 compensation for Mrs H.